The nature of secluded fjords like Syltefjord is something very special.
On sunny summerdays when the temperature can reach 25 degrees or more, it is like being on a cruise in exotic places, places you would think was on far more southern latitudes.

On other occasions, landscapes resembeling lunarsurface  appear in the adventurer's eye. Syltefjord and surroundings offer the most beautiful sensory input.


From stormy seas to calm waters and rivers. Dazzling light and all consuming darknes. Plains and forests as far as the eye can see.

 The forces of nature make Syltefjord a kingdom of contrasts.

Do  you want to  see, smell and feel the Barents Sea on your body?

At 40 knots you will feel the elements on your body. The wind and salt water that whips across your face and the butterflies in my stomach, tells you that this is exciting.


A trip out to sea in our RIB. will take your breath away . Its when you sit on top of the wave, looking out to sea, that you realize how vast the ocean is. It is about now you`re starting to feel small and insignificant you are in comaprison to the ocean and the forces that`s out there.

You get  a comfortable and warm survival suit and find your place in one of our RIB`er. After a review of security procedures, we "take off"

                                              Let us amaze you by showing you all this.