Bird photography in BÅtsfjord port





Arctic Tourist has gained several years of experience in guiding bird photographers from the boat. Now we have adjusted some of our bird project to include two photohides, moored in the harbor of the municipality.
In our custom photohide, you can get so close to the surface that you can stick your hand  into the water. This provides you with an opportunity for rather unique images when photographing the animals (there are birds, 360 degrees around the shed.)







Longtailed Duck





Angles, proximity to the object and light in the winterseason..its all good.

All this in the harbor of Batsfjord.









When the sun returns to our part of the world, in late January, so does the  King Eiders, the Long-tailed Duck and the Steller ducks.

With our moored photohide lying in the harbor, one is well sheltered from the elements. If you are fortunate enough, the birds will swim so close to the hide, you can almost touch them.

In addition to a stay in the photohide,  you get a ride in one of our high speed RIBs on the way out to the hide. You will be guided by this fellow, who happens to know all the nooks and crannies, both inside the harbor and out on the fjord and the bay ... Thos can actually be quite useful when shots of birds in flight, is the day`s agenda.



Beautiful birds i Batsfjord Harbour (Gallery)

Beautiful birds in Batsfjord Harbor. Courtesy of NRK

All pictures done by Erik Groenningsaeter

(Norwegian text)



Before your stay in the shed:

We equip you with a warm survival suit, boots and other necessary clothing before you get lightning-course of conduct in the boat and how to behave near the birds.

After this, we will do our best so that you can concentrate on getting your shots under as good conditions as possible..The only thing we can not control is the weather. In that respect we can do nothing more, than hoping for the best ..That beeing said,  usually it is actually quite good:-)